Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Aries

There’s a life altering week ahead, as Chiron the Master Healer enters your sign and shifts those unusually deep emotional currents you’ve been processing into a new undeniably courageous motivational force. There are currently five planets moving through your sign, giving you an inner determination unlike any you’ve ever known. There are also five planets in Capricorn, and the need to balance all these powerful energies requires a new kind of clearing that emerges now. What you considered to be complete turns out to need more attention, but don’t let that negate the work you’ve done. That hard work got you here. This is a new world. The way to get to the goal is far more organic and hands on than ever before. Forget time. It takes plenty of space to make dreams happen.
And it requires leaving your mind out of it.

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