Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Libra

There is a powerfully divine feminine couple of weeks ahead for you, as Venus, your original ruling planet, approaches Sedna, your more modern dispositor. Venus will have to connect with Astraea, the Divine Feminine Goddess of the Golden Age in the process. All this takes place in Taurus, which is the part of our consciousness where we plant new seeds and establish our Selves in new ground. It’s where we stabilize and begin to grow strong. Libra is an androgynous sign, capable of expressing either male or female qualities. It’s time to let everything BE. Let all that you’ve manifested unfold and emerge as you attune your Self to your inner guidance mechanism. This is life in the Divine Feminine lane.
Next week a worm hole activates on Monday and delivers you directly to this Divine Feminine new cycle, accessed by a sideways elevator!

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