Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Pisces

For many years, your identity famously eluded you, and you were dubbed the ‘selfless’ one. ‘Selfless’ did not mean compassionate, (though you are), it meant ‘without Self’. The Pisces consciousness does not perceive that it is separate from anything. Everything is one to Pisces. That’s made it very difficult to realize anything about your Self, until Chiron moved through Pisces, producing a new inner alignment, and Taurus moved through Aries, making Self-Realization possible for everyone. Now you do have a sense of Self, though you’re still aware that you’re one with everything, and this is a major week for more revelation and Self-awakening. Another way to say this is that there’s a lot going on in your sign right now. The cosmos is always reflecting what’s going on within you.
Remain riveted to the observer’s perspective, because your Truth is about to transform you.

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