Janeen KorinkoBlog

We always hope for our day to day life to always be like a beautiful summer day with cloudless skies and only sunshine.  But the reality is there will  always be the potential for those clouds of struggle and challenge to roll in, sometimes without warning, and rain on your happy parade.  But from these raindrops of struggle and challenge can come just as much greatness as can come from those golden sunny times.

These raindrop moments, although not appreciated , are special, believe it or not. Try looking at the tension and all the feelings that surface as tiny muscle builders not meant to harm you. Inconveniences that have taken human form -can be transformed into mini mental power lifts to grow your self-will and determination. Someone once told me that in life you can either turn around, stay in one spot or you can move forward. Learning to manage a situation you are in and then to move on, seems a far better option than not experiencing anything in life at all.

At times, it may feel easier to not make an effort when the road gets down. It may even seem easier to let someone else have power over you and hold the needle that deflates the balloon of your self-esteem. Truth of the matter is, over time it won’t be easier or bring you to a happier existence.

Your dreams and goals and having the life you deserve require that you make an effort. And when those outside forces- when those clouds roll in – and the rain tries to make a mess of things, remember that you are smarter and wiser than to hand your power over.

Choose to make magic in these tense situations by smiling anyway and being grateful that you’re on your own path to a better life. Then let go and feel compassion for those who have chosen to stay stuck in destructive choices and negative thinking.

Learn to dance between the raindrops.