Stephanie AzariaWeekly Horoscope - Taurus

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It certainly seems that the last few weeks have delivered you from a state of overwhelm to a much more stable, recentered state that reflects your more usual capacity for presence. If you were feeling out of sorts last week, you’re feeling better than ever now. This might be the perfect moment to remind you that gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in the world. In this moment, where your own Self-worthiness and power of command is what truly comes shining through, expressing thankfulness for all the new strengths and realizations you’ve come to will serve you in ways you aren’t yet aware of. Gratefulness equals abundance and radiant joy. And joy yields the kind of positive focus that new worlds are made of.
Take your rightful place in the scheme of things now… Recognize the undeniable mantle of your own authority.

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