Stephanie Azaria Weekly Horoscope - Taurus

Life takes an interesting turn this week as your planet Venus crosses the world axis and delivers you to an experience you may not see coming. Let it come anyway and embrace it as best you can. This new path leads to places you’ve never had access to before. They are conscious places, where your own level of awakening surprises you and fills you with joy. Joy is what you’re after, isn’t it? The best kept secret in the world is that joy is the way to abundance. You can’t really have one without the other. With this possibility now opening up for you, the real question is, are you ready for an abundant life, filled with everything you’ve ever wanted and more? The need for this decision shows up unexpectedly, and making it is the hardest part of the next chapter.
Say yes.

***This guidance column was written by Stephanie Azaria for TheCosmicPath.com. It may be shared freely, but only when the author’s name and website are included.

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